1- After arriving in Canada, can foreign workers work for other employers ?

Most foreign workers immigrate under the federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). They usually get a “closed” work permit, which means they can only work in Canada for the employer whose name appears on the work permit.

2- How long can a temporary foreign worker work in Canada ?


There is no maximum period during which a temporary foreign worker can work in Canada. The length of time they can work in Canada depends on :

- the employer’s job offer;

- if the employer is required to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for the hiring, the period of time entered in the LMIA;

- the validity of the foreign worker’s passport.

In Quebec, a temporary foreign worker may require a Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ). This document will specify the period of time during which he is authorized to work in Quebec.

3- If a foreign worker is incompetent, do I have the right to dismiss him?

Yes, indeed, if the employee does not correctly perform the tasks specified in the contract, you can give him the required notice or pay him an indemnity. For more information please contact :


4- What happens if a worker becomes ill, has an accident, is hospitalized or needs to recover at home for a period of time?

Your employee is entitled to sick leave under provincial or territorial law. Don't put him to work if he's sick. Your worker should be covered by the health insurance or workers' compensation program in the province or territory where he or she works. For further information please contact :


5- What is the delay between the start of the recruitment process and the arrival of workers ?

The deadlines may vary depending on several factors, including the origin of the foreign worker, the type of position held, etc. In most cases, the delay varies from 6 to 10 months before obtaining the required authorizations. There are programs that reduce delays, we are talking about 3 to 4 months from the start of procedures.

6- What is the total cost of international recruitment services?

The costs are divided into three categories : 

1)  The cost of recruitment depends on the type of position to be filled, the country of origin, the number of workers and other particularities. 

2)  The cost of immigration proceedings includes government fees and immigration lawyer fees. 

3)  The integration fee includes the training provided by our subsidiary, the Active Talent Training Institute before and after the arrival of the workers, as well as the reception and installation.

We invite you to contact us, a representative will be happy to provide you with an estimate of the costs of our services : Contact us

7- What happens if a foreign worker abandons work in the first few weeks after arriving in the country ?

With our guarantee of replacement of the candidate, if a foreign worker leaves his job within 3 months after the first day of work, we will replace him without additional recruitment costs.

8- What is the origin of the candidates you recruit?

We recruit foreign workers on 3 continents in Latin America, Africa and Europe, always according to the specific needs of employers.

9- Is the employer directly involved in the selection process?

Yes, the employer can participate in the screening process and in the selection of candidates if they wish. They have the opportunity to interview candidates via video conference or to participate in person in one of our recruitment missions abroad.

10- In which regions of Quebec are your reception and installation services available ?

Our extensive network of regional partners allows us to offer personalized hospitality and installation services in all regions of Quebec.