International recruitment

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Talent Actif Continental specializes in the recruitment of skilled and unskilled foreign workers, we serve all regions of Quebec and carry out our activities according to the rules established by the CNESST.

We offer turnkey services to companies in labour shortage, mainly SMEs, including : international recruitment, immigration procedures and integration into employment and society.

Entrust us with your recruitment project abroad and focus on your business development strategies!


Helping Quebec employers facing a labour shortage fill their vacancies in a simple, timely and above all efficient manner.


Commitment, integrity and empathy are our core values, they are at the heart of our decisions and actions.


Become one of the main references in the recruitment of foreing talent in Quebec, acting as a bridge between other countries.


The company was founded by José Reyes, a Mexican immigrant whose family settled in Quebec in 1990.

Her arduous journey as an immigrant has made her aware of the need to provide human support and closeness to newcomers.

Based on this belief, he decided to build a team of dedicated and empathic professionals whose mission is to change people’s lives.

It is the summary of a much deeper story, that of a dream: to become the human bridge between nations!


Training Institute

Training provided by Quebec experts to prepare workers before they arrive in Canada.

Candidate Guarantee

Ensures replacement of the candidate in case of voluntary departure and at no additional cost.

Advantageous Rates

You will benefit from an excellent quality / price ratio, advantageous group rates and more.

Preferred Network

A network of privileged partners on 3 continents: Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Virtual Recruitment

A solution that greatly optimizes the recruitment process, in addition to reducing costs.

Global Certification

The candidates are assessed using psychometric and theoretical tests certified at international level.



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