1- Analysis of the file

At the first meeting, we develop a specific and personalized action plan. Enabling us to develop an effective recruitment strategy.

2- Preselection

Preselection is undoubtedly one of the key steps, it must be quick, precise and effective. Our large pool of candidates, will save you valuable time.

3- Tests / Interviews

Then we will invite the most suitable candidates to take a series of examinations. Our HR experts will interview candidates who have passed all the tests.

4- Final selection

We will coordinate the interviews between the candidates and the employer, the moderator will accompany the employer throughout the interviews to ensure the smooth running.

5- Immigration

Finally, immigration lawyers prepare all the documents, letters and forms required to obtain visas and work permits for temporary foreign workers.


A government program allows businesses facing labour shortages to hire temporary foreign workers. Companies and workers wishing to benefit from the programme must meet certain conditions.

The process is carried out by a team of immigration lawyers and consultants. They will rigorously take charge of all steps with the authorities concerned in order to carry out the mission.

Depending on your specific needs, here is a list of available services:

  • Procedures for obtaining an LMIA and the CAQ
  • How to obtain a work permit
  • Consular procedures (if necessary)
  • Several other immigration services


Our personalized support greatly increases the retention rate of foreign workers. In addition, we help to reduce costs and inconvenience caused by a lack of time and/or knowledge.

Thanks to our human integration strategy and absolute process control, we can guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Here is a list of our turnkey services:

  • Develop a personalized action plan 
  • Language preparation before arrival 
  • Reception of workers at the airport  
  • Accommodation Research and Installation 
  • Support for essential steps 
  • Assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week